Think of your kitchen remodeling project as a recipe. One that spans a whole book, with different components that you need to cook separately.

Messing up the recipe might mean that you walk a marathon every time you need to grab a bowl. Or that you and your family have to squeeze by the counters to cook together.

It sounds like a lot to take in by yourself, doesn’t it? At best, it makes this busy activity center uncomfortable to be in. At worst, you might get burned with the need to renovate again, costing you more and making your kitchen unusable for the duration.

Luckily, with Rekatone, you don’t have to do it by yourself.

We do most of the legwork for you. We calculate the costs and connect you with an experienced interior designer or contractor, ready and excited to complete your project. 

The best part? You can get your property renovated by interior designers or contractors while saving up to 30% of your budget.

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Rekatone provides a one-stop platform for your renovation needs. You don’t have to worry about which cabinet finishes are easy to wipe off. We’ll handle the messy business for you.

Quotes, access to competent interior designers and contractors, easy price comparisons, and a space to contact your chosen professional. Everything you might need for renovation is here, all bundled up in an innovative newbie-friendly platform.

Free Quotation

No hidden charges. Transparency upfront. We provide you with a free quote for your renovation, whether it’s commercial or residential.

Safe & Secure

The interior design professionals on our network are pre-vetted and certified. Rest assured that your project is in capable hands, with access to merchants and credentials to back them up.

Trusted & Transparent

You get front row seats to find your perfect design match. Watch as the offers roll in, each with a lower cost than the last.

Best Price

Current market prices decide your overall renovation costs. Your project goes to the contractor who can do it for less, saving you a small part of your budget.


Rekatone has multiple interior design professionals on-demand. You tell us about your project and your budget. We handle the rest.  Sit back and wait for experts to come to you with their offers. We can match you with the right designer or contractor while you have your morning coffee.

Frequently asked questions is a “ONE-STOP Solution” to get your house renovated at most competitive price. We will propose you the design, materials, estimation price, then invite the nationwide interior designer and contractor to offer their lowest renovation cost through transparent “LIVE” bidding. The whole process is time saving, secured, transparent & free for all users.

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when I got my house vacant possession. The consultant was able to understand my requirement and concern. They proposed very useful suggestions and ideas for my consideration. My house is so comfortable and nice. Thanks for the professional services. Great job!
Xin Qi Loh
Rekatone has provided professional and valuable end to end design, build and project management services for our home renovation. Many thanks to Rekatone designing team Jiayi and Elyn, bidding team Liz and Cheryl, our successful bidder and project management team Adrian. Highly recommended platform to get the best value out of your renovation.
Willis Chong
Im so impressed with Rekatone's works, really helpful and responsive. Will recommend with my friends regarding this platform. Good job!
murad ahmad

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